Voyage Londres classes des Terminales SEN-TU


03/04/19 11:27:20




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We are students from a vocational high school in France. Our high school is lycée privé Robert Schuman in Dugny. We are studying Machining (TU) and Computer Science (SEN). Our project is to visit London, from 7 to 10 March 2016 and enrich our culture.  We are going to visit Big Ben, Houses of parliament, Twickenham rugby stadium. With teachers : Mrs Guelaz, Mrs Meddour and Mr Buzon.  




  1. Day 1
  • meeting point at the "Lycée" at 04H15 AM.
  • Sea crossing in Eurotunnel arrival at Folkestone at 09:55, Arrival at London at 12:00 AM.
  • Cruise on the Thames from Westminster to Tower Pier.
  • Free Walking tour from Westminster Bridge to Buckingham Palace.
  1. Day 2
  • London walk on the theme of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sherlock Holmes : "Solve-the-mistery" game: Discover a murder.
  1. Day 3
  • Cricket Initiation at Lord’s Cricket Ground.
  • Visit of the Twickenham Rugby Stadium (Stadium and museum).
  1. Day 4
  • A "selfie" walking tour.
  • Shopping time at Camden.
  • Return journey to Folkestone at 15:00. Arrival at the "Lycée" at midnight.

Flag : Union Jack

Official name : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Capital : London

Political regime : Constitutional monarchy

Head of State : Queen Elisabeth II

Head of Government : David Cameron

Area : 244820 km²

Population : 64,10 Millions

Density : 255,6/km²

Languages : English - Welsh - Scottish - Gaelic

Formality of entry : Visa / Passport

Money : Pound 1 Euro for 0.75 Pound

Tel : +44